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A Friday the 13th Pop-Up Wedding - anything but scary!

If any of you are after a pop-up wedding in Moana, by the beautiful Lake Brunner, Chrissy from Weddings West Coast can take care of you. I have been asked to be the photographer for these weddings, and had my first on Friday 13 March.

Fi and Shaun were the lovely couple tying the knot, and they not only looked stunning together, but were so full of fun and life that the time taking photos was full of laughter - the best way to have things!

I guess it's the relaxed, happy attitude that leads people towards pop-up weddings - you know you're going to spend your lives together and you know you want to celebrate the 'I do' moments with people you care about. But why stress about all the organisation and ridiculous costs that can come with so many weddings these days? Having a beautiful package all set up for you saves money, time and unnecessary stress, leaving you to enjoy yourselves in the lead up to the wedding as well as on the big day itself.

Enjoy some of my favourite photos from Fi and Shaun's special day, and get in touch if you're interested in having a pop-up wedding of your own in Moana!


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