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Shirley Șerban - Creative Solutions - Songs & Poems | Websites | Photography

I enjoy creating beautiful, functional and search-engine friendly sites for small businesses, schools, community organisations and individuals that meet your needs and are affordable without compromising on quality.

Benefits to you:

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs and explain website costs involved

  • Very affordable websites that are anything but cheap in value

  • Options explained and recommendations made to you, based on your situation

  • Choices of ongoing support once your site goes live:

    • Complete handover to you with all the training you require to maintain the website yourself​

    • Small monthly fee for me to update information on your site on an ongoing basis

    • One-off charges for me to update information on your website as needed

What you can expect to pay:

Websites will range in price, depending on your budget and what you are after. You can expect to pay between NZ$500 to $1500 for the design. (About US$300 to $900.) There are domain name and website hosting fees, which are not huge, and don't go to me. I will talk through these with you to help you find out what best suits your needs. Once your website is up and running, you can then choose about the level of ongoing support for your site you would like, from running it yourself to letting me update it as needed. Up to you!

Get in touch and tell me what you're looking to achieve with your website, so I can give an accurate quote, once you have had a free consultation. 

Recent Websites I have created:
(Click on pictures to open website links)

More coming soon! Watch this space...

The name of her website says it all: Shirley Can! My wife is in love with her songs and mentioned she does websites. Mine needed updating and someone to keep it current. I'm an artist and that's where I want to put my energies. She listened to what I had in mind, had a first draft up in a matter of hours, listened to me futz with this and that, created a total second version and didn't blink when I rolled back to her first recommendation. She then helped with hosting, the transition from old to new, and worked after publishing to make sure all was perfect. She's a blessing.
Thank you, Shirley... She sure Can!

Laurence P Taoman
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