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Celebrating Cancer Survivors

June 3rd was Cancer Survivors Day, a chance to celebrate people who have fought and survived cancer. My mum is a cancer survivor and I know many people who have fought or continue to fight this beast of a disease. Together with Sara from Saradrielle Souza Makeup Artist, we gave free makeovers and photo shoots in the days after June 3rd to any cancer survivors in the area who wanted to participate. This wasn't a 'woe is us' time, but a way to treat these strong people and show ourselves and others that cancer isn't necessarily a full stop - that people can come out on the other side, strong and stunning.

The photos below show the wonderful survivors we worked with - all ages and walks of life. (The last one is my mum.)

Enjoy the photos and be encouraged if you're facing tough times - there's a survivor in all of us.

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