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Andrew and Maria's New Zealand Wedding

Andrew, a Kiwi, married his Spanish bride, Maria, in Spain last year, so on February 10, it was time to let family and friends in New Zealand enjoy celebrating with them at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. Enjoy some highlights that I captured of their day...

Before the ceremony

Maria looked stunning in her detailed dress, wearing her late mother's watch.

Time to enjoy with her daughter, son, niece and friends before heading to the ceremony.

Then it was time to arrive in style while guests waited...

The ceremony

Time to get married - again - in New Zealand - yay!

Time with loved ones after the ceremony...

Photo Shoot

Then into the Gardens and Christ's College for photos...


Off to a private home to continue the celebrations!

Finally, you can't have a Latino wedding without the Tango!

Amazingly, on a day with lots of rain forecast, only two or three drips fell during the dancing, and that was that! A beautiful day to celebrate two beautiful people - congratulations, Andrew and Maria!


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