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When the Photographer is also the Bride!

I got married over the weekend of 23-25 February, in a small, casual series of celebrations with family and close friends. No outside celebrants, DJs, photographers or others were present at our main ceremony on the Saturday morning - we didn't want fuss or formality, but to focus on time with loved ones in stunning nature.

I've photographed others' weddings, but never my own, so what to do? Thankfully, we have friends who are great photographers, as well as others who took lots of photos for me to be able to edit and work with afterwards. I couldn't keep away from my camera either, taking some pre-ceremony pictures before I got all made up, as well as using my tripod and timer for other shots.

Whatever style your wedding is, make sure the photos capture it - had we wanted a super-formal ceremony with many photos to showcase afterwards, I would definitely have hired a professional photographer. Because casual and relaxed fits our personalities, the way we captured the day in photos suited us perfectly.

If you are looking for relaxed, nature-celebrating, fun wedding photos - both formal and casual, get in touch. I'd love to help you out. (And I'll not be in my bride's dress like this time!)

(Sorry for no groom in the photos - he prefers to be kept off the web, which I completely respect.)

My dress in the sunrise view:

Our rings on the morning of the main ceremony:

Mt Cook, the perfect backdrop:

My beautiful niece before the ceremony:

And here's a couple of my favourite photos that friends at the wedding took of me all brided up:


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