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Self-Publishing, Ghost-Writing
& Illustration Services

Have you got a children's book in you, longing to get out into the world? Where do you start? And what if you're a bit stuck on some of the content?

My background in teaching, love of writing and drawing, and digital competence could come to save the day for you.

Services I offer:

 - Editing your work, giving honest feedback and suggestion for improvement.

 - Illustration for children's books.

 - Putting your ideas into words and not taking the credit for it. My specialty is in rhyming verse, but I am happy with any genre.

 - Helping you with the logistics of putting your picture book online for print and e-book purchase.

 - Creating an author presence for you that you can easily manage - facebook page / simple or complex website.

Pricing is flexible, depending on the amount of work you want done and its complexity. I am happy to talk with you about your hopes in publishing and your budget, then figuring out a solution together. 

When I first met Shirley, my books were just ideas flitting about in my head. 
Now, a year later, I have 7 books written, illustrated and available on Amazon.
I have an author page, a website, and ongoing support for marketing, all thanks to Shirley. 
She is amazing. She does everything that in the past an illustrator, publisher, agent and hand-holder would do.
She illustrated 5 books, helped me find photographs to accompany 2 other books, wrote and recorded a song version of one book.
She is very tech-savvy and is able to navigate the self-publishing world for today's author.
Shirley is a consummate professional, multi- talented, and worth every bit of her reasonable fee.

- L.B. Reichel, Australia / USA, December 2017
See website here

Can I help with Self-Publishing, Ghost Writing and Illustration?
I Shirley can - let me know what you need:

Thanks for contacting me about Self-Publishing, Ghost Writing and Illustration. I will get back in touch with you as soon as I am able to.

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