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Hi. I'm Shirley Şerban.

I love working with people, and education and creativity are my thing. 

I'm a Primary School teacher by trade, but I have also worked as a resource developer, trainer, tour guide and musician. I spent eight years as a volunteer for an international charity, using some of these skills in some pretty exciting places. Some of my past adventures include organising a reception for the President of Timor Leste with half an hour's notice, as well as writing and performing a song for a reconciliation ceremony between two warring chiefs in Bougainville.

Now based in New Zealand's South Island, I work as the principal at a small school, while also enjoy working online with people around New Zealand and the world, using my creative skills to help businesses and individuals. I get great satisfaction when people succeed with the help I give them, big or small.

Can I help you with a creative solution? I Shirley can!

Creative Response to Covid-19

A video parody I made for fun about Covid-19 has gone viral on Youtube, with millions of views. I am delighted at how so many have positively responded to the video, so am making it a personal mission to keep them coming. This is not to diminish the seriousness of this pandemic, or make light of the genuine suffering and loss many are feeling. Rather, as in any difficult situation faced in history, people are able to find joy, which gives strength in these hard times. I hope these ongoing videos will bring you and your loved ones a reason to smile. Stay safe. Stay kind.

Feel free to browse through my services on this site,
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